Boxed Color: The Slings and Arrows

Oh, the world of boxed color. We’ve all tried it, some of us with better luck than others. The temptation is understandable! Relatively inexpensive and ready at your convenience. But here’s the thing; boxed color is a one-size-fits-all solution for a situation that really requires true customization. Let’s see if any of these have ever happened to you!


Gray coverage run amok
When hoping for gray coverage, have you ever had your grays turn orange, copper, or red instead of the color they showed you on the box? This happens all the time, especially for clients with red hair or clients who are darker shades of brown. Unfortunately, many box colors don’t pack enough punch to fully cover your grays, no matter what they say on the box.

Brunette with a touch of green
Have you ever tried taking your summer blonde back down to your natural brown color but ended up turning green? I did this one time and actually turned the color of an eggplant. There’s a lengthy explanation based on hair science that would shed some light on this mystery, but we can save that for another time. In short, there is often a series of steps involved in making this transition happen correctly, and it’s definitely something best left to the pros.

I didn’t want to look like Ronald McDonald!
When trying to go lighter or blonde, did you turn orange, red, or yellow? There are lots of possible reason this outcome can happen. Sometimes it’s an issue of improper application/timing or use of an inferior product. Or it could be that your hair was previously colored. In those cases, no box of color will get you where you want to be; this is a time for a corrective color.

Leave it to us
Whatever your color goal, it’s always best to leave this job to the pros. When you come see a professional for color, you’re paying a little extra for several things. First, you’re paying for a professional color product, which ensures much higher quality than what you find on the shelves at the drugstore. And second, you’re paying for the knowledge and expertise of our staff.

The color in that bowl is not a simple tube of color designed to cure the color problems of every customer in the world. Not even close. In fact, it’s very rare that any one of us mixes a color for a client that contains only one color. Instead, that bowl contains a color formula that takes into consideration your unique situation: current color, history of chemical services, and condition/texture of the hair. This mixture is a color that is made just for you. For that reason, it has the ability to help you achieve your color goals.

And in the world of color, mixing the color is only part of the equation. The other part? Application. Application is hugely important, and the proper method is basically impossible to do at home oneself. Our professional application ensures complete, effective application of product and proper timing, based on client need.



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