Why Your Shampoo Habits Could Be to Blame–Part 2

Welcome back! It’s time for part two of shampoo. As we mentioned last time, try to shampoo as seldom as possible. And second, always use products with appropriate pH range listed on the bottle. These products are sometimes more expensive, but it really makes a difference on the appearance of your hair and protects the investment you make at each salon visit.

And the last thing on the subject. Be cautious with the do-it-yourself all-natural recipes out there. I’m not saying that natural is bad. However, many of the formulas out there use ingredients that have a very high pH and will seriously aggravate your hair. If things feel squeaky clean, then that shampoo is not the right product for you. Basically, it’s stripping your hair and making it too clean.

Please, please please condition every time you shampoo! It helps to counter some of the not-so-great effects of shampoo. A good conditioner smooths the outer layer of your hair, helping to make sure everything is all sealed up. It also has the ability to fill in the gaps, so to speak, that can happen in damaged and chemically treated hair. And last, it makes it much easier for you to run a comb through your wet hair, so you won’t cause as much damage trying to detangle.


I’ve had many clients talk about conditioner making their hair feel heavy or weighed down. The right conditioner won’t leave you feeling limp. If that’s an issue you have with conditioners, try a different one. The right conditioner should leave you feeling soft and manageable but not weighed down. And when rinsing the conditioner, rinse only until you feel a slight film. Don’t rinse as thoroughly as you do for shampoo. If you do, the conditioner is being completely rinsed out, and you may as well not even have conditioned in the first place.


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