Key Steps to Prepping for Your Wedding!

Congrats on the engagement! Right about now, there’s so much to do—dates, a venue, selecting your wedding party. And what about your hair? Well, I can’t even begin to help with bridesmaid selection or the awkward conversation about why you have to invite your fiancé’s third cousin twice removed, but I can help with keeping you on the right timeline for hair.

A couple months out
I’m saying two months on this, but the timing depends on your preference and that of your stylist as well. Anyway, it’s at this point that you’ll want to do your pre-bridal. It’s an extensive consultation about the look you’re going for, and it typically includes a trial run of hair and make-up ideas. If hair were theatre, this would be your dress rehearsal. Definitely come prepared with pictures and thoughts.

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One month out
At this point, there isn’t too much to worry about in terms of beauty and hair. However, this is a great time to get your facial taken care of. For some things, it’s best to have them super fresh and do it right before the big day. But for facials, it’s a foundation for some of the items to come. It’s best to lay that groundwork ahead of time.

Two weeks before
The countdown continues! At this point, it’s time to ensure you have any necessary touch ups on color and/or highlights. This way you can be sure you won’t have any roots showing, and the two-week period gives time for the color to settle, so to speak. Sometimes fresh color is a bit too vibrant. For daily life, it’s quite all right, but you want all the coloring in those photos to be spot-on.

The week of
Game on! Now it’s time to tackle all the rest. In this last week, you’ll want to get your manicure and pedicure so they look fresh. If you choose to do a spray tan, we recommend getting your pedicure first. Sometimes the products can exfoliate the fresh spray tan right off your legs during the massage! That’s definitely not the look you were hoping to rock in your Bermuda shorts while on your honeymoon. And last, this final week is super stressful, so what better time to get a massage! You deserve to spend at least an hour not thinking about wedding details.


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